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Knowing the best options for bathroom flooring will help you make the right decision. At Bathroom Flooring Boise, we have flooring experts who can help you choose the best tile for bathroom Boise that will suit your needs, budget, and style.

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Choosing the Best Bathroom Flooring Boise

Tiles are considered one of the best flooring options for bathrooms because of their durability, resistance to water, texture, and style. Fortunately, there is a surprising number of bathroom floor tiles available in the market, which means you can definitely find a floor tile that matches your needs and budget.

Before choosing your new Tile Flooring Boise, there are several things you have to consider, such as:

And to be able to choose the right bathroom floor tile, it is best to know the various floor tiles and their characteristics. Here are some of the most common bathroom floor tiles:

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles
Ceramic and porcelain tiles are considered some of the best bathroom floor tiles available in the market, and they offer a huge range of styles and looks, such as wood, colorful penny, lattice-patterned squares, and more. These tiles are easy to maintain; however, somehow, they are not comfortable to the feet. It is best to install radiant floor heats to keep its surface warm and comfortable.

Vinyl Tiles
One of the most bathroom flooring Boise is the vinyl tile due to its low price and extreme practicality. It is ideal for all bathrooms in the house, from the powder room to the master bath. And it is a great shower floor tile Boise as it beats other flooring options for comfort, durability, and safety. Vinyl tiles have been among the most highly recommended bathroom floorings because of their aesthetic appeal and easy-to-install feature.

Stone Tiles
Stone tiles are made from granite, marble, slate, and limestone, and they have become popular nowadays. Several textures are also available in the market, including sandblasted, cleft, etched, and tumbled. There is also a wide range of color choices, from neutral colors to vibrant colors. However, stone tiles are more expensive compared to other tiles and require more maintenance when it comes to regular cleaning.

Glass Tiles
You can customize the glass tiles depending on your desires and needs. By attaching various types, colors, and shades of glasses to the walls can create a stunning look as they amazingly reflect on the lighting in your bathroom. You have an array of patterns to select depending on the style and concept you want for your bathroom space. If installed properly, the glass tile can hold up well, and if textures, it can be slip-resistant. Glass tiles can resist stains and molds, and you can easily know when it is time to clean as they tend to show dirt easily. You do not have to spend more time and effort cleaning a glass tile flooring as you only need a mop and warm water.

However, the installation of glass tiles requires extra care, and they are prone to scratches. They can be highly durable, but they may crack or chip when you drop something heavy.

Choosing bathroom flooring may look easy, but actually, it is not. Because the bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that requires specific types of flooring as it is constantly exposed to water. Water is one of the leading factors that cause damage to most flooring types. So it is best to choose a water-resistant or better, waterproof and durable bathroom flooring.

If you need help choosing and Flooring Installation Boise  your new bathroom flooring, do not hesitate to contact our professional and friendly team at Bathroom Flooring Boise!

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