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The type of substrate on which the tile is glued is crucial to a successful tile installation. Using the correct substrate when installing tile on a wall, floor, or countertop is critical for preventing cracks and breaks in the tile and grout.

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Tile Flooring Boise

Tile floors are beautiful, durable, and a relatively simple DIY project; however, in order for tile's good looks to last, it is critical, to begin with, what you cannot see—the ideal underlayment. Because ceramic and porcelain tiles are complex and rigid, they can easily crack if installed on a surface that bounces or is not flat, destroying all of your hard work and leaving you with an unsightly floor. Tile Flooring Boise explains the superb underlayment for your new tile floor.

Tile Underlayment

There are various types of tile underlayment, yet they all work identically: to smoothen out uneven spots in a subfloor and make an unbending layer that prevents the tile from bending floor from flexing underfoot. Without one, even minor subfloor movement can cause grout lines to crumble and tiles to crack. A proper underlayment also acts as a waterproof barrier between the tile and the subfloor. Your tile underlayment options are divided into three broad categories, each suited to a specific tiling situation:

Trowel-able and Pourable Underlayment: There is a plethora of trowel-able and pourable tile underlayment options available, each with a specific purpose and application. An older method of laying tiles on a concrete slab is to create a bed of mortar. Mortar beds make suitable substrates for tile when professionally installed, but applying them requires a high level of skill, and many tile setters no longer use this method. Ceramic Tile Flooring Boise advises that the backer board or one of the other types of tile underlayment discussed below should be used instead of mortar beds by do-it-yourselfers.

Backer Board: Flooring Installation Boise, ceramic or porcelain tile, this is the industry standard most preferred by construction professionals when installing ceramic or porcelain tile. The backer board is installed on top of a layer of thinset - an adhesive by Flooring Boise , a process known as bedding. The backer board is then screwed to the subfloor beneath it. An additional layer of thinset is then applied to the backer board's surface and used to set the tiles. This is a very effective method of installing tile and the best way to prevent it from cracking. Porcelain Tile Boise advises that when cutting backer board, use a concrete blade in your circular saw; wood blades are not designed to cut through the cementitious panels.

Thinset:  It is also known as "thinset mortar," should not be confused with regular mortar. Thinset is a cement-based product that contains polymers and adhesive agents to form a strong bond with tiles. Thinset is available as a powder that must be mixed with water. Tile can be installed directly on top of a concrete slab as long as it is very flat and free of cracks, using thinset as the adhesive, allowing you to skip the backer board layer. Before tile can be installed, the slab must be patched and leveled if it is uneven or cracked. Tile Flooring Boise points out that thinset must "slake" to develop its adhesive properties, which requires allowing the mixed thinset to rest for about 10 minutes before remixing for use. If the mixture is not allowed to slake, it will not adhere to the tiles or backer board. Slaking time will vary depending on the brand, so be sure to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
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