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Comfortable and easy to maintain, vinyl flooring brings affordable yet stunning design to any room. Excellent for homes and offices, you can create a completely unique environment with vinyl flooring.

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If you are looking for an affordable flooring solution that is easy to maintain and clean, vinyl flooring can be an excellent choice for you. Vinyl Flooring Boise specializes in supplying and installing an array of vinyl flooring products in various designs to suit any space, whether residential or commercial. As the leading service provider, we supply and install vinyl flooring across Boise and other surrounding areas. The products and services we offer are affordable and of the highest quality.

What Are Your Options in Vinyl Flooring?
Most people would think of old-fashioned vinyl sheets when someone mentions vinyl flooring. But they have come a long way from their affordable beginnings; they have become one of the most sought-after floorings for their waterproof and cost-effective features. Today's vinyl flooring has a wide range of styles, from tiles, sheets, and panels to modern hybrids, to allow you to create the look you desire with the functionality you need. If you are planning to update your property for sale, vinyl flooring is also a great option as it is one of the most affordable floorings that can add value to your property.

Vinyl Sheet
Vinyl sheet is the traditional black and white faux kitchen tile that most people know. Vinyl sheets have developed since then. Today's vinyl sheets are three-dimensional that have visible textures, which create an effect that is far closer to natural materials compared to what they have been before. Modern color clarity, imaging, and embossing can get you very close to a Hardwood Flooring Boise or stone, or tile. Usually being one piece for most rooms, it enables you to keep your sealed floor across the entire house,including Kitchen Flooring Boise, bathrooms, laundries, and basements. This means your hardwood, tile, or stone-looking floor can cover your entire home, and the floor will be up to the task. Compared to laminate, vinyl is slightly softer, but they do not suffer the same dents as for its predecessors. Lastly, vinyls are 100% synthetic, and they were not the most sustainable option for your home, but today's vinyl usually contains recycled materials.

Vinyl Planks
If you want vinyl flooring that has a more authentic look, you may choose vinyl plank floors Boise or tiles. Whether you choose the DIY peel and stick tiles or the loose lay, vinyl tile and plank have the ability to create a more authentic, boarded look and can easily be replaced without relaying the entire floor. Compared to vinyl sheets, vinyl tiles and planks can choose orientation depending on the room's design.

Vinyl planks and tiles are 100% waterproof, which means they can withstand water and not be easily damaged. They will not swell, lose integrity or bucks, and do not need additional sealers. They are great in wet areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries.

And for a luxurious look, luxury vinyl plank is available in our store.

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Our Vinyl Flooring Boise supplies and installs an extensive range of vinyl sheets, tiles, and planks all over Boise and Idaho. We guarantee you our products are all premium quality, so you can be confident that you are buying the best vinyl floor in Boise. Visit the nearest Vinyl Flooring Boise store, where our professional team can help you choose the best flooring from our wide range of styles.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
Address: 3485 N Cole Rd, Boise, ID 83704, United States